Livestock Prods

The Magrath Stock Prod is designed to help handle and move livestock effectively and efficiently. As a market leader, it has proven itself on the road and in the stockyards for over 40 years both in the US and throughout the world. Time tested and proven effective.


  • Tip rotates to any position
  • Clog-free, no ground tip
  • Tough, flexible shaft up to 90 degrees
  • High energy, longer lasting alkaline batteries
  • Durable, reliable solid state electronics system
  • Transmits very low current to animal with strong, instantaneous jolt
  • Finger guide to find switch by feel
  • Rubber switch insulator for prevention of feedback
  • Precious metal battery contacts won’t corrode
  • Heavy coil spring assures firm battery contact
  • Tough, structural grade plastic case


 Livestock Prod Instruction Manual

Troubleshooting & Maintenance Guide

Livestock Prod Sell Sheet

Complete Units

A Magrath Stock Prod complete unit includes 1 Power Pak, 1 Shaft, and 4 Alkaline Batteries.

Item #



924ESP Stock Prod With 9 in.1:27 PM 6/24/2008 Shaft 9 in. 24 in. $81.27
2238ESP Stock Prod With 22 in.1:27 PM 6/24/2008 Shaft 22 in. 38 in. $81.68
3449ESP Stock Prod With 34 in.1:27 PM 6/24/2008 Shaft 34 in. 49 in. $83.17
4459ESP Stock Prod With 44 in.1:27 PM 6/24/2008 Shaft 44 in. 59 in. $85.43


Item #



BATT12PK Batteries - 12 pack with box $18.53

Power Pak Only

Power Paks are available with or without alkaline batteries.

Item #



200PP Power Pak Only With 4 Alkaline Batteries $62.17
200PPWOB Power Pak Only Without Batteries $56.40
SSP Power Pak Pad/Boot $5.21

Shaft Assembly Only

A Magrath replacement shaft comes complete with a collar and nut.

Item #



9SA 9 in. Shaft Assembly 9 in. $19.09
22SA 22 in. Shaft Assembly 22 in. $19.55
34SA 34 in. Shaft Assembly 34 in. $21.02
44SA 44 in. Shaft Assembly 44 in. $23.26


Springer Magrath® offers a full warranty repair and repair for fee service. 


Some Stock Prods will be beyond repair depending on fault.


If under warranty a replacement pak may be issued at the discretion of Springer Magrath®.



  • Conact Name
  • Contact Phone Number (including area code)
  • Possible problem (i.e. intermittent spark)
  • Do not return shaft
  • Do not return batteries

Stock Prods should be sent to:
Springer Magrath
1400 West 13th Street
Glencoe, MN 55336




Electronic module is guaranteed for 14 months from date of manufacture.


This warranty does not include the shaft, casing breakage, or any form of physical damage, or damage due to normal wear and tear or tampering with the power pak. 


Shafts are not under warranty and are not repairable.


Springer Magrath® Stock Prods repaired out of warranty will be charged accordingly.


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